Monday, August 8, 2011

It's been a little busy...

We've had vet appointments for a sick little kitty (who am I kidding, he's not little... he's 17.5 lbs). 
He is on some meds and getting lots of rest in the chair that he has claimed as his throne!  I am sure he will be good as new in no time :).

This weekend....
Friday we spent a little time thrifting while waiting to pick up Ernie (kitty) from the vet.  I found a few things I can't wait to share!  I found more vintage sheets (even washed them) and now there are really no more excuses!!  The quilt must be started! 

Saturday we watched fireworks

Finally watched...

We caught up on the first few episodes of Wilfred 

Sunday... We spent time with family and got to see Foster the People at night! 
We had to wait in a very long line... it was a sold out show...
 It was beyond worth it!  Such an amazing show.... words cannot explain!  If you have yet to hear their stuff, you should definitely check them out!

Hope you had a great weekend!


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