Monday, June 13, 2011

This Weekend

We stumbled upon a few garage sales and found a new Goodwill where we found these lovelies!

This amazing vintage record holder :)

A beautiful piece of teal pyrex (sorry for the glair, is it okay that I was too lazy to move it?)

An amazing vintage sheet and pillowcase.  I think I may have enough vintage sheets to start my quilt!

We also spent a lot of time outside and I found some more flowers in bloom. (well lots... get ready for the photo dump!)

I hope you had wonderful and relaxing weekend!! 


  1. omg!!! my grandma used to have sheet sets with that floral pattern on the white background!!!

  2. Ooo! Good job on all of those finds! I love the Pyrex bowl!

  3. omg i just LOVE your new treasuries!!! that blue bowl! and that shelf! soo beautiful!!!

  4. The flowers in your garden are lovely! What is the top one? It's my favorite.

  5. ahhh awesome little piece of furniture there!!

  6. ohh gorgeous finds, adore the teal pyrex. you have a lovely blog too.