Tuesday, May 31, 2011

We're Back

Vacation was wonderful.  It was just what I needed.. the weather in North Carolina was beautiful and the views were breathtaking.  

We had a mini adventure as part of the road trip on the way down to stop and get Jeni's Ice Cream in Columbus, OH.  I had heard about this ice cream a few times and always wanted to take a mini road trip to try it, but it never happened.  So when we decided to drive to North Carolina, I asked if we were going to be near Jeni's on the drive.... and guess what, it was only a few minutes off the highway!! Now of course we got there at around 9:30AM, but it didn't matter... you can always eat ice cream!
I got Queen City Cayenne and husband got Strawberry Buttermilk.  I have never tasted such spicy chocolatey goodness.  I have already figured out that you can get it shipped to your door step!

Wilmington was one of the cutest little cities... Lots and lots of cute shops and lovely restaurants.  
This is the Dixie Cafe.  I am forever forgetting to take pictures, and by the time I remembered, it was closed.  It is the cutest little diner ever!

We checked out the local vintage shops...

Of course I bought something at each :)

Oh! and a trip wouldn't be complete without cupcakes! 

It was amazing... I wish I lived there.  The beach wasn't too bad either, it was lots of fun... Only down side was having to park at a meter :)



  1. Looks like a fun trip! That ice cream sounds interesting! Strawberry buttermilk...I've never heard of that!!

  2. Fun, your ice cream sounds so yummy! Hope you post your finds from the vintage shops...

  3. It's because I moved from Ohio down to Jacksonville which is about 40 minutes from Wilmington, I don't think I could ever move back but I haven't visited those shops, new weekend goal!