Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I have been pretty lazy about setting monthly goals.  The only recurring monthly goal I have is to read at least two books.  Well, I mean I have others like... Be kind to myself, assume the best of others (yes this is a conscious effort for me), enjoy the weather.... things like that, but nothing too consuming.  So, for the month of June I am going to challenge myself to stick to some goals!
1. Wear my hair curly every day (for some reason I really feel like a little kid when I wear my hair curly... I need to get over this).
2. Wear something handmade every day... even something small.
3. Start Closet Remix (an idea that has been hiding in my journal and needs to come to life.... I have started... kinda...).
5. Of course.... read at least two books. I just finished...
I must say it was hilarious and a great read... she really drives home the need for self love.  My best friend and I read it together and we have both taken some great things away with us!

I am in the middle of reading...
I first have to say thank you to my wonderful Father In-Law, he keeps giving me amazing books to read!!!  This book is very thought provoking... I think I may have read it in college, but that means I skimmed it.  I started it last night and I am already over half way through... I wanted to stay up all night to finish it, but I figured sleep is good.  

Do you have any goals for June?



  1. Great goals! We have a lot of similar ones. I definitely want to focus on reading this month. It's the start of my vacation so I want to do a lot of reading by the pool or beach! :)

  2. My wonderful daughter-in-law keeps me on my toes with good reads too. I love book talk.