Monday, April 18, 2011

This Weekend

I finished my frame re-do...  I wasn't sure what to do, so I settled on making them into jewelry holders.   I backed them with plain white canvas (cardboard wasn't sturdy enough) and covered it in some thrifted baby blue lace.  Before I backed them, I glued fishing line to the frame to hold the jewelry.

Earrings... I wear a lot more studs than dangling earrings... But I figured out how to get the posts to stay on the line and they sit well on the frame :)

Bracelets and necklaces :)  I know the necklaces hang over but I like it! 



  1. ha! they look nice! very nicenice! i just bought two frames on the flea market and im just waiting for some free time to paint them.. ;D i would love to make of them jewelery holders but they are seriously too small :( but yours are lovely!

  2. did you figure out how to get your studs to stay? :)

  3. Janea- you place the post behind the wire and then place on the back and it will stay. Even with the tiny plastic backs.

    Thank you everyone for the lovely comments :)