Thursday, February 10, 2011

Heart Brooch DIY

As promised, here is the second felt heart DIY!!

What you need:
~Scrap felt to cut out hearts
~Brooch pinback 
~Embroidery thread or thread
(Ignore the elastic head band... that was for the previous DIY)

1. Cut two hearts out of felt, each one slightly smaller than the first.  My largest heart is about 3 inches at its widest point.

2. Arrange your hearts and buttons.  Sew on your buttons (or glue if you like), only to the front heart.  Then glue the hearts together.

3. Cut a 1 inch circle out of felt.  Line up the ends of the pin.

4. Make two small cuts and slip the ends through the front. 

5. Sew or glue the pin to the circle. 

6. Glue the circle to the back of the heart.

7. Once the glue is dry, you're all done and ready to wear! 

I am excited to wear this on Valentine's Day and give them to a few friends! 



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