Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tuesday Treasures!

I was so excited about this find!  I can't wait to have my set complete and set a formal table with all golden butterfly pattern!!  They're in perfect condition, the pepper was a little dirty but it washed right off!  Someday soon I will have to take a picture off all the golden butterfly I have found so far!

Last night I was catching up on Grey's and I was able to finish my extra long cowl scarf.  I took the techniques I learned doing this pattern to make this cowl, and made a longer thinner version!  
I made it to go with this super sweet leather jacket my dad gave me from the 70's.  I don't have pictures yet but, I will when it comes back from the cleaners!  In the above picture it is wrapped around 3 times... It's so warm and comfy for the lovely Michigan winters!

(Here is what I did... written out the best way I know how... sorry... im still new to this:  Chained 150, joined the ends with a Slip Stitch, Double crocheted 3 rows, Half-double crocheted 1 row, then double crocheted 3 rows, FINISHED! What I used: Red heart Aran Fleck and Aran.  I used two strands at once with 10mm N hook). 


My apologies for this posting Tuesday Treasures on Wednesday.... but I am still trying to adjust to it getting dark so early!  I always forget to take my pictures till it is too late! 


  1. I love the cowl! And you are so fantastic for writing out those directions. I've been searching Ravelry for a simple pattern I could follow and am not having much (any) luck. What you posted? I can do.

    Thank a ton.

  2. Now that I'm getting around to making the cowl, a quick question for you. Did you skip any stitches for the half-double row? Thanks! I'm loving what I have done so far.

  3. I usually skip the 1st one because you chain one and it counts as your 1st half-double crochet! Is that clear? If not let me know! :)