Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tuesday Treasures!

As I said yesterday, I was able to get a few little things while we were in Allen.  I was able to come by enough Pyrex coffee cups to finish my little collection.... Though I think I might have my eye on another pattern that matches the scheme of the kitchen!!

They were a steal and in perfect condition.  While we were there, we saw a complete set of the Golden Butterfly dishes.... but they were sadly in really poor condition.  Oh well, someday I will have them!

I am starting to get really excited for Thanksgiving!!!  Are you?? I have a million ideas in my head for ways to decorate the table and the dining room.  I am thinking I will have a little DIY to share with all of you later this week... so you can have pretty tables too!!

But now I must be going... I have lots to get ready for tomorrow!  My good friend and I are going to be working on things for an upcoming craft show. I am over the moon about this... it has been along time since we've been able to get our schedules lined up so we can make pretty things together!!



  1. What craft show are you doing?


  2. Were doing a craft show at a middle school in Dearborn Heights on December 4th!!

  3. Your house will look so pretty for Thanksgiving, especially with the colors inside. I hope to see if before you decorate for Christmas!

  4. So cool that you are finding all of the pieces to your vintage set! I really want a complete set one day tooooo. <3