Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tuesday Treasures!

I really thought I would have nothing to share today and then.... I remembered some past finds I didn't share! 

I am in love with this piece it is in perfect condition.... I think I am going to store crafty things in it!

Can you believe these were only $1.00?!?!? (I found these on a thrifting adventure to Ann Arbor).

On that lovely adventure I also scored lots and lots of thread for close to nothing!

I am also slowly catching up on summer camp projects!! I am doing them out of order... but I think it's fun that way! Here is what I am working on tonight.....

All I have to do it sew it and it should be ready to wear! yay!



  1. I have that pyrex casserole dish too :-) Found mine at Goodwill for almost pennies - it's so pretty, isn't it? W

    I know this is an old post but hey, so what. I've been looking through your blog and absolutely adore it, we have quite a lot in common! <3

    Sending love!! Will definitely be adding you to my list of daily reads :)