Friday, April 9, 2010

Winter is back!

Welcome to Michigan!!! Today was yet another gloomy day, but it was accompanied with little specks of white stuff falling from the sky. :( No it wasn't enough to stick or even matter, but if it is snowing then that means it's cold.  I went from bare legs and fun dresses to two pairs of tights and a lovely wool skirt.  Don't get me wrong, I love my wool skirts, but I am soooo excited to start wearing the skirts I have collected for spring/summer... they are very 70's and I must say, I love them!

I'm sorry for the lack of pictures today... it has just been so miserable outside and terrible lighting inside that I haven't even wanted to shoot anything.  But I am busy crafting away!

  • Making all those lovely bows/flowers into hair pieces
  • Still finishing up the earrings I started (forever ago)
  • Working on a few paintings 
  • I am also trying but failing at starting my art journal... The white pages scare me, but I am going to  paint them a color tonight and then I have no more reasons to be scared! 
I promise as soon as we get a sunny day I will have more pictures for you and hopefully more projects completed!

Hope the weather is better for you:)



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