Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away.....

Today is very grey... and blah! The rain has been on and off all day.  But spring is here, I have proof...  The Magnolia is starting to bloom!  (Yes I took the Nikon out in a slight sprinkle to capture these pics for you)

Since it has been so grey outside, I decided to play with pretty colored yarn while I watched the rain fall.  I still have a lot of projects that are just waiting to be finished... but, I ended up making lots of bows and a few flowers and now I have yet another project to finish.  I think they're so cute and they all came out just a little different, but I still have to attach them to clips and such. Oh and I tried my hand at making a cuff... with a lovely felt button! (I think it will be a fun little way to wear more buttons :))

I hope the sun comes out tomorrow :)


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