Sunday, April 4, 2010

Thrifting Day!!!

Another day of beautiful weather here, which meant another chance to wear a fun dress and my favorite tights from UO!  I am a little sad inside that as the weather gets nicer I won't be able to wear all my fun tights... Oh well, life in Michigan I guess!

On to the "Finds" of the day!  
Today was definitely Pyrex day!! I was able to find four pieces. Three of them came from a local trade center that was having a collectables show.  While I was there, I also found a really cute double sided casserole dish in the heart pattern complete with lid.... but the price was too much for the product so I left it behind.  When my husband and I were leaving, I felt like I lost out... but I didn't love the hearts and it was a bit scuffed up. While we were out on that side of town, we decided to stop by the local Salvation Army and guess what?  I found a different double sided casserole in way better condition and in a pattern I love!  We did end up stopping at a couple more vintage places because I am on the hunt for some cute vintage dresses to wear to work.  But, we had no luck (and it doesn't even matter because I found Pyrex).   

Oh! Wait! I almost forgot while we were at the the trade center I met a lady who had the largest button collection ever... and it was for sale.... 10 cents for large buttons and 5 cents for little ones.  I was there for a very long time digging around.  I must say I have the most patient husband in the world! :)

(sorry this is late... I forgot how long Easter Vigil can be:))


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