Friday, April 2, 2010

Busy Crafting!

I will get better at posting every day... I will get better at posting every day... lol I figure if I say it over and over I will get it! I have been very busy working on 30 different projects at once, I can't just work on one thing... I get bored easily :).

I added some ruffles to sweaters I that I didn't LOVE anymore (only ended up with one picture, more to come).

Made some super cute headbands... and I am totally addicted to anything coral colored!

Made the 1st in a series of 3 paintings :). There will be a pear and grape one as well!

Pictures to come of:
Mismatched earrings... I <3 them!
Paper cupcake pictures
Lots of different types of flowers
Old fashioned pot holders to give as gifts for Easter :).

Tomorrow for the 2yr anniversary of my baptism, my husband and I are going thrifting!! I am soooo excited :)



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