Thursday, April 29, 2010

Getaway Pics!

Here are the pictures from the little getaway we took to my parent's property!  Everything is so cute/country/vintage!

You sleep in comfy beds covered with handmade quilts :)

This quilt I ended up taking home.  My grandfather made it... he did all the embroidery and my grandmother would put all the squares together! (each umbrella is a different color scheme)

We even eat a vintage diner table!

My grandfather's embroidery stash.... my mom has now claimed it, but she shares!

I think these dolls came in kits and you would put them together... My grandmother collected and put together about 50 of them.  They're all very detailed and each one is so different!

We found a dove nested on the ground....we left her alone..

All the spring flowers were in bloom

so pretty!



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