Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Simple Fabric Gift Bag DIY

This bag is super easy to make and it gives your gift an extra little boost. Plus, this bag can be reused for lots of different things. You could even make one just to carry your groceries!

What you need:
Utility fabric - bag fabric
Sewing machine
1. Fold the strap piece in half, wrong sides together, and sew. Do this for both.
2. Fold down one inch and sew on both pieces.
3. Attach handles on the wrong side on the fabric.
4. Pin fabric right sides together and sew around.
5. Sew to square corners (I did 4").Then cut off the excess.
6. Turn inside right and you're done!

You can change the size to fit the size of your gift. I just so happened to be making something for a bigger gift! If you have any questions, please let me know... and if you make one I'd love to share it here, send me pictures!



  1. I love this! A lot of people in my family are pregnant right now, so this would be excellent for gifts for their baby showers, and then they can reuse the bags to carry diapers or something when the babies are born! This is amazing! :)