Friday, April 18, 2014

Easter Egg Garland DIY

Just in case anyone else is last minute like me, I thought an Easter DIY was fitting! I usually don't decorate too much for Easter (because I often just start decorating for spring), but this garland works perfectly around spring decor, and on the plus side is easy to make! Go gather your craft supplies, string and fun felt colors and lets get started. 
1. Cut an oval shape from your felt colors. 
2. Decorate your eggs how ever you like. 
3. Attach circles to the back of your egg by gluing only the top and bottom. 
4. String all of your eggs together and hang! You're done!!

Tips: I like to use my Olfa circle cutter with felt. You can also sew all your eggs together on your sewing machine if you like. 

What are your favorite Easter crafts?



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