Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fox Zipper Pouch

Everyone loves foxes, right? How could you not love this fabric then... foxes and owls in a fall theme. I bought this fabric not even being sure what to do with it. Then, I realized I needed to make a journaling pouch! I always wish I had my journaling stuff with me when I stumble upon quaint little places or even randomly visit coffee shops.
This pouch fits perfectly in my purse and keeps everything in one place so that I don't have pens and glue sticks flying out when I am paying for things (ok, well to be honest the pen thing will still happen cause I love pens)! I modified the fold over clutch DIY to accommodate different measurements. It measures 7.5x11(finished) and fits all the things.

Do you ever journal in public?


  1. I NEVER journal in public! Once or twice I journaled next to my boyfriend but you know - he's not 'public' :P
    I LOOOOVE your cluth so much! and the fabric is awesome!!!! <3

  2. I would like to get into journaling. This is a nice little kit to get me started. It looks great.