Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Circle Scarf DIY Round Up

Scarves are just wonderful things. When I put a scarf on it makes me feel like I made an effort, even though my hair is tied up in a knot and I made no attempt at makeup. Needless to say, I wear them almost non-stop once the cooler weather hits. Some people make fun of me for not taking them off when I take off my coat and I don't care, I love them. In my opinion, scarves aren't only to be worn with coats and people who think that way are silly!

If you're looking to make something like the one on the right, check out this tutorial. This is a huge and amazingly comfy jersey scarf that could be a shawl in a pinch. To make the one in the middle I used the same method as the one before, but now that I found this tutorial I am going to redo it. Don't you love the print (Joann)? It is the softest jersey!

The sailboat scarf was made using the same principle as the first one, but seeing as it is very sheer/silky fabric I didn't want the raw frayed edges (it was already getting everywhere). I decided to get better acquainted with my rolled hem foot and it wasn't too scary. I hemmed the longest sides (using a rolled hem) and then sewed the short sides together... super easy!

I also attempted this lace scarf, but it turned out just awful. It was definitely me and not the tutorial so I may attempt it again later.

You can find my scarf DIYs of the past here, here and here. I was going to write this post as a DIY and not a round up, but I noticed so many talented ladies had already made them and figured I should share the love!



  1. I live in scarves. Especially infinity scarves. My sister and I made some last year from linen fabric but they in my opinion were too bulky. Jersey would be perfect. I will try it out and let you know.

  2. I'm excited to see how yours turn out! I was thinking of trying linen but I thought it might be too stiff. I will definitely stick with jersey. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Aaaa! Charlie!! This scarf in the middle of this photo is just amazing!!! Omg don't you have it for sale or somethin? I'm in love! <3

    1. Aww! Thank you.. I am emailing you soon to get your new address!