Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Off the Hook

Finished the first cowl of the season.  I have made it a point the last couple of years to make myself a new one each winter (sometimes I make things for everyone els,e and forget I need one). This year, I decided to learn a new stitch. I dug into this book and found a texture (SC/DC #3) that I loved! It is a beginner stitch, but I had never done it before and it worked up very easy and pretty quick!
The book can teach you the stitch (I feel like it might be wrong to put the pattern on here, and the book is awesome, so buy it)... but to create the cowl, I chained 102 and worked the pattern back and forth, not in the round, for 30 rows. Then, I joined the ends together. 

Have you been crocheting.. or knitting? I would love to see it... link me!


  1. omg it it just amazing!!1 lovely color and pattern im in love <3

    i don't know if you remember but i received a year ago a grey cowl from you - it's still in perfect shape and i wear it all the time <3

  2. I heard youtube is a good tutorial too! I'm going to check this book out! Everyone knitting and crocheting their own stuff, along with Etsy, are inspiring me to learn finally! -Jessica L