Thursday, September 19, 2013

For The Love of Books

I have been torn on whether I should keep sharing books here or not. Either way, I knew I wanted to share these two books with you.
Daring Greatly and Boundaries were both very thought-provoking books that helped me to put things in better perspective. I was living life scared. Too scared to say no, too scared to put anything real out into the world and too scared to put myself first. Maybe you can tell that both of these books helped me write my Journey to Epic Failure post... they certainly did!

I am sure someone who is reading this now will be like "oh, she reads self-help books", but what a gross stigma to put on a book. To me, these were like manuals for staying sane as an adult. If you would like to get past the shame you feel for being who you are, and you're ready to stop re-arranging your life every time someone asks, then I highly recommend these two books.

If you want me to continue sharing books I read, let me know!



  1. YES! Keep sharing!! haha (I owe you a letter soon!)