Tuesday, September 3, 2013


My birthday was on the 30th and I took some time to write myself a little list of reminders for the year. Sometimes I get caught up in all of the 'getting older and have to be a grown-up' thinking. Then I remind myself it is just a number, and with age comes wisdom... so bring it on! I know that my 29 doesn't have to look like anyone else's 29.

In my 29th year I will...

- remember that clothes are not sold by age.
- not fear turning 30 for one minute!
- do the things that make me happy first, so I can be in a better place to serve those around me.
- accept my homebody status.
- cherish all of the moments with friends and family.
- continue to enjoy colorful nail polish.
- photograph it all.
- stop trying to make myself a morning person.
- be secure in the fact that God loves me even if I am not blessed with a child.
- push past all the what ifs.
- not stifle my inner child.
- still own coloring books.
- sleep with the TV on.
- read young adult lit.

Does anyone else get infuriated with the "you should dress your age" comment? Please tell me I am not alone!



  1. It is -so- maddening when people say 'you should dress your age'. Uhh, no! You should dress in what you love and what makes you feel awesome and comfortable. That is a great list for your 29th year, hope you had a wonderful birthday!

  2. Happy late birthday!
    I hate the idea of dressing different with age. I dress how I want and have every intention of being old and in fringe shawls, velvet leggings, leather jackets, and band tees :D

  3. As someone who has returned to college 10 years after dropping out, I often hear the comment "But you don't dress like you're almost 30!"

    First of all, I'm 29, not almost 30 haha
    Second, what do you think I'm supposed to wear? Trousers and blouses? I'm just as hot as you are so of course I'm going to wear shorts/dresses/tanks.

    Don't let anyone get you down!

    That is a great list :)