Monday, July 1, 2013

July Goals

Where did June go? It definitely was not the month for goals...geeesh!

1. Play putt-putt.
2. Print some wedding pictures.
3. Write a few letters (I have proven to be a horrible pen pal).
4. Start a recipe book.
5. Pick a color to paint my studio.

June recap:
1. Start working on making a dress from a pattern. Ummm I picked out the fabric, does that count?
2. Go for a walk on the trail at least twice. Fail - I didn't even make it one time.
3. Get the flower boxes filled. Fail - Ha! Between the rain and the heat I never made it to the store to buy them.
4. Go to the Beach. This I did!
5. Wake up and read for an hour with my tea every Wednesday. I kept up with this one and I really enjoyed it.

Let's hope that July doesn't go by as quickly!


  1. I'm always promising to write handwritten letters and then I never do. I'm hoping this is the month.