Tuesday, June 18, 2013

For the Love of Books

Requiem -
This is the third book in the Delirium series, a dystopian series where the government has enforced the removal of love from each person (Love, the deadliest of all deadly things: It kills you both when you have it and when you don't). I feel in my heart this cannot be then end... there were so many loose ends. Who will Lena choose? For the record, I am team Alex. Who died? Where are they going? What happened to Hana? See what I mean? It can't just end this way... I will always wonder!
I also read the little Alex edition that was included in the back of Requiem.

Annabel/Hana/Raven -
These were books from the same series, written in between the three primary books. I didn't end up reading them until the very end. I wasn't aware they existed when I first started, so I just saved it.  The one that I found the most eye opening was Raven. It really makes the ending of Requiem jaw dropping. The other two were worth the short little read and gave you perspective on a few things, but nothing as monumental as in Raven.

Have you read this series? If you enjoy dystopian, I highly recommend it. It is a good one!


  1. I haven't read them. Without giving everything away, what are they about?

    1. hmmm... It is illegal to love. To be seen touching or too closely talking to a member of the opposite sex and by your 18th birthday the government will cure you of love. They will also match you with your husband/wife. The only way to avoid this is to run and live in the wilds away from luxury. There is a love story wrapped up with friendship betrayal and parental heartbreak. Hope this helps. If you're looking for something to read you should check them out, they were an enjoyable read...who doesn't love a tortured love story?