Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Goals

April, where did you go? Last month seriously flew by for me... geez! On to May goals!
1. Catch up on my reading.
2. Make a new spring/summer wreath.
3. Go on a bike ride.
4. Try a new grilling recipe.

April recap:
1. Add new flowers to the shop. Fail - but realizing I failed lit a fire under my butt, and there are 6 flowers ready to go in the shop.... even took pictures!
2. Try 2 new recipes. Done - I now have a deep love for asparagus and roasted potatoes.
3. Launch the blog redesign. Done - and I am really liking it. Still need to add a few photos, but I hate taking pictures of myself.
4. Pin something and do it! Done - Made a fun light for my craft room, see it here.


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