Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Embroidery Hoop Ornament DIY

We decided to put up two big trees this year, and well... we are a bit short on ornaments! That means it is time to get creative with what I've got!

What I used:
Small embroidery hoops (mine are 3inches, thrifted)
Felt (whatever you have on hand)
Rick Rack
Glue (Aleene's tacky glue works great)

How I did it:

1. Cut squares from felt that are slightly bigger than the hoop.
2. Close the hoop around the felt to create an impression.
3. Use the impression as a guide to decorate.
4. Glue your design in place, unless using ribbon or rick rack (glue at the end if needed).
5. Tighten everything in your hoop. If you're using ribbon or rick rack, make sure it hangs over so you can pull it taut as well.
6. Cut off the excess as close to the hoop as possible.
7. Add a ribbon/yarn or hook to hang and you're done!
These could make really cute last minute gift additions!


  1. That is flippin adorable. Looks like a fun craft.