Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Today was for... Hemming

Thanks to my being shorter than your average person, I always have lots of things to hem. These things tend to sit in piles forever until I get frustrated and feel like I have nothing to wear and finally put in the time to hem. (I am an all-star procrastinator)!
While we are on the topic of hems... can we agree that taking scissors and hacking off the bottom of a dress/skirt is NOT a hem?  I promise you, hemming your clothes is not all that hard. If you can't/hate to sew, you can use this (stitch witchery). No one ever has to know, and I promise it works every time. Also, if you are a vintage seller and do not want to "actually" hem the item in your shop, PLEASE don't shorten it in the first place! (I understand that fraying fabric can be stylistic) (Yes, this is my opinion, and I understand everyone can do what they want) (Please don't hate me)!

Three wool skirts and a dress can now be put into rotation.  Nope, this didn't even put a dent in the pile... but these are the things I always wish I could wear. Someday, I will get through the whole pile (but probably not)!



  1. I also have a wickedly large pile of vintage (and non vintage) items to tweak! It's mostly to do with sleeve length though since I have wickedly long legs and can never find items long enough!