Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Thrifted: Pendleton

I know I may have said before that I wouldn't buy any more Pendleton skirts, but ummm... this happened!  Also, pardon my wrinkles.  

I am in love with the teal skirt... it was hemmed to the perfect length for me. I have already worn it twice! It is so comfy and the weather is perfect for it right now.  I can't wait to take in the gray one just a bit!! I have been in need of a gray wool skirt. Now, here is where I have a problem and am becoming a hoarder. The plaid, red, and purple don't fit me and can't be taken in to fit me.  They were just such good deals and in such great condition that I couldn't help it. 

I also came across my very first Pendleton new-with-tags thrift! 
It is not my size either, but I got so excited that I had to get it (as I said before, I have a problem)! I am not sure if I should re-purpose the wool or attempt to sell them? Thoughts?



  1. What size are they? I'm thinking sell ;)