Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Thrifted: Wool Skirts

I thrifted these wool skirts a few weeks back and I got them for a steal.  The girl at the checkout said they were included in the Summer sale since they were skirts.... ummm.... ok!  I'll take it!
I have a big soft spot for wool skirts... bonus points if they're Pendleton!  The top two are Pendleton, most likely from 80's. The bottom two have union made tags that would make me think they're from the 60's. (This post helped me figure that out).

Now, the struggle I face with everything... To hem or not to hem?


P.S.  The shop has been updated with pretty felt floral brooches!! Go check it out!


  1. ohh that purple one is niiiiceeeee!!

  2. Pendleton! So jealous of your finds! I have a couple wool pencil skirts in my closet but sadly, they no longer fit. Someday!