Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Thrifted... Yet to be Worn

Have you ever thrifted something you thought was beyond perfect at the store only to come home and never quite figure out how to wear it?  These three skirts fall right into that category.  When I found each of them I was so excited to get them into my wardrobe, but then I got home and some sort of reality hit and they never got worn.

The first skirt is a lovely, normal L.L. Bean chambray skirt... or so I thought! I was going to shorten it and have it be a go-with-everything skirt, but when I put it on, it looks like I hid balloons underneath.  I can't think of one way to fix it, and I just can't bring myself to wear something so poofy... thoughts?
The second skirt... I am in love with! I mean, it's Jordache... what is not to love? I haven't had the guts to wear it out yet. The ruffles (at the hips) cause a little extra rise in the behind area. I have hope for this skirt still... I am thinking for Fall with a chunky sweater/cardigan maybe? And how cool is the third skirt... it's chevron! Sadly, once I got home I couldn't think of one darn thing to pair it with. Maybe Autumn will fix all of these skirts problems, maybe not!!

How do you fix thrifts gone wrong??? I can't be the only one, right?



  1. ohhh they are really beautiful but the middle one stolen my geart! i wish i had it in my wardrobe!! :D

  2. I can relate to this- I love thrift stores, and I think this situation is similar to the "eyes bigger than your stomach" scenario- you love the look of it, yet it doesn't quite fit- size wise, or with the rest of your clothes :)
    That ruffly-topped skirt would be difficult! Good luck! I just got a great cozy sweater today for $2 :)

  3. I do the same thing all the time. I currently have a long red bandana print skirt that I want to do a high low effect on for fall.

  4. Seems like all us thrifters face the same problem: fall in love with a piece when buying and having the hardest time matching it afterwards. In my case, that piece usually lays low for months and just pops out when least expected and finds its mates on itself :) The skirts are amazing, I really like the second one, so I'd say go 50's with a silk blouse and a short cashmere cardigan and oxford pumps :)