Tuesday, September 4, 2012

28 Before 29

It is that time again! I decided not to do it last year and made fun New Year's resolutions instead.
1. Sew a dress
2. Write more letters
3. Live fearlessly
4. Take more Instax
5. Print wedding pictures
6. Stick with something for 30 days
7. Read 5 Agatha Christie books
8. Do at least one date night a month
9. Collect fun glasses (eye glasses... contacts hate me)
10. Plant flowers from seed
11. Send random happy mail packages
12. Go sledding
13. Make a recipe book
14. Master my Wacom tablet
15. Explore the west side of the state
16. Stay in on a rainy day and watch movies in my PJs
17. Redo the crafty room
18. Become 100% comfortable with my camera
19. Crochet a blanket for the couch
20. Fill a sketch book with doodles
21. Do a double feature at the movies
22. Play putt putt
23. Make a fort
24. Paint something
25. Do another craft show
26. Make kitty toys
27. Go to the beach
28. Find a place that makes pretty coffee drinks in real cups and get one!

Are you working on a list like this?  If so, leave me a link... I would love to see it!



  1. Love your handwriting. I need to use my Instax more often as well. I have expiring film! ahhh! Also, this means a letter for me! :)