Thursday, July 12, 2012

What's In My Bag - Road Trip Edition

I thought since I am packing up a different purse for a road trip and it's somewhat different than normal, I would share it's contents!
The bag itself is a few years old from Urban Outfitters. It is on it's last leg, but it is my favorite big bag so I can't let it go!  It contains; snacks, true lemon packets, hand lotion, my idea book, phone, glasses, Kindle, change purse, wallet, more pens than I need, mints, polka dot zipper pouch (Target $1.00), Instax, heart zipper pouch, Bobble (I love these) and that is it.  A few extra things than last time.  I also carry my Nikon D3000 in there, but I had to take pictures with something!  I carry it within my purse using this.

Now, within the zipper pouches is...
Polka dot pouch: Hair things, Body Shop concealer, hand sanitizer, tea tree oil gel, Blink tears, Refresh for contacts, mini Vaseline, MAC concealer, hand cream, chapsticks, oil sheets, eyeliner, inhaler, refillable powder brush.  Yep, I put all that in my $1.00 pouch.  You can see that I like my chapstick, eye drops, and concealer! 

Heart Pouch: Lactaid and daily pills.  As I look at this picture, I can already tell I am missing things!  (Headache medicine, cold pills, Tums, Band-aids). I like to be prepared when traveling... you just never know!

I will be out adventuring Ohio for the next few days. I am sure I will take some sort of pics to share via Instagram... if you want to follow along, it's polkadotsarelove.  

What things do you cram into your purse while traveling?


  1. I love how organized you are! I always try to pack light, but end up taking stuff we never use or need. There is something exciting about packing though!