Wednesday, June 6, 2012


It has been a while since I thrifted Pyrex.  I have chosen to be very picky with my purchases since my collection is barely contained within, on top of, and underneath our cupboards (there is at least one piece in every room of our house, but no need to call hoarders... it's tasteful, I promise). Then... sometimes you come across a find and you can't help yourself!  This was one!   
The crazy daisy pattern is my second all-time favorite vintage Pyrex/Corningware pattern (the first being golden butterfly, of course!). These two nesting bowls are in amazing condition and were a steal. Now, I just have to hunt down the large one and the set will be complete.  

The yellow measuring cups (vintage tupperware... is that a thing?) are the same ones I grew up with and my mom still uses. There is just something about having the same tools you learned with that makes cooking more comforting, right? I also picked up the green scoop measures to leave inside the flour and sugar containers.... again, like my mom does and it's just convenient!

Any finds lately?


  1. I collect too much Pyrex too and I seem to gravitate towards the butterfly design as well.

  2. I have those measuring cups! They were passed down to me from my grandmother.