Friday, April 27, 2012

Current Obsessions

I am seriously in love with this floral pattern that is at IKEA right now! 

I couldn't help but buy a few things... both sets of glasses, a few planters, paper napkins, 2 serving trays and kitchen towels. The colors in this floral print just make me so happy that I couldn't help but surround myself with it... plus it is so Spring! You can find all of the things pictured above here.

I am also pretty obsessed with these shoes
These shoes are freakishly comfortable. I tried them on at the store and was really sad to learn they only had the pink ones. Don't get me wrong, their pink color is awesome, but knowing this color existed I couldn't settle. My gift cards came today and I can't wait to order them. You can check them all out in all the cool colors here!

I have been pretty obsessed with this album lately. It has literally been on loop for the last few days and it's playing while I write this (judge me if you want) :).
Here are some of my favorites off the album, though I really do love the whole thing! You can go here to learn more about them!

What things are you currently obsessing over? 


  1. I have been looking for floral juice glasses EVERYWHERE!! all I can find are hearts or polka dots. That wildflower print is awesome.

  2. I like that floral design as well. I'll have to resist buying all of it when I go to Ikea next month :)