Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Yesterday I had got to spend all day with one of my favorite people and thrift! It was a lot of fun... I love going to new places to thrift.  We both found some awesome things... here's what I came home with.
I couldn't pass up this little wooden owl with his googley eyes, or this trivet (just needs a little love).  The lovely mint scarf they're sitting on... it's a Vera. I didn't know what that was when I found it.  All I knew was that it was polka dots and mint and that I must have it!

I can't believe I found this cart!! I think I jumped up and down when I saw it... then did it again when I saw the price! I have been slyly looking for one of these for my crafty space for awhile. I love when you get to cross long awaited finds off your thrift list.  This yellow dress is originally from Forever21... it was just so cheery that I snagged it.


P.S. If you didn't check out yesterday's post about pen pals... please do! It is still open and I would love to have you as a pen pal :).


  1. I love love love the owl trivet! Super cute--good find. :)

  2. SCORE on the cart!!! Amazing find

  3. I totally agree with your comment. Oh i wish they dont overlook Beetee as well he is so important for the second and third book i don't see how some of the events happening in both books can make sense without Beetee, he is somehow vital for the things happening there.
    I can't wait to see who they are going to cast as Beetee and Finnick and Johanna.
    by the way is it only me or is Alexander Ludwig (aka Cato) a cute pie? i can't really hate him as Cato, blame his looks or his monologue at the cornucopia scene and i am sold. i am glad they added that scene although it didn't exist in the book. made me see Cato as something more than a bloodthirsty cocky career.