Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pen Pals

I was attempting to organize the shelf in the crafty room and I came across lots and lots of notecards and stationary (from my happy mail days).  It made me think... I need a pen pal!.  So, here is my question: would you like to be pen pals?  
If you would, just e-mail me the address where I can send a letter to polkadotsrlove [at] gmail [dot} com.  This is open to everyone. Pen pals can never be too far away!  Ok.... I hope someone signs up... or I will just feel plain silly... :)



  1. with pleasure!! love writing letters and I do i only with one friend of mine.. :D

  2. i am literaly dancing around from happiness right now. i can't believe i actually found a hunger games fan that i can relate to. i mean all my friends either don't care, or haven't read the books. my only friend who went and watched the movie with me, has read only parts of the first book so i couldn't chat with her about pretty much anything :( she doesn't understand why i think that Peeta is perfect, why i love Cinna, why Rue owns my heart. she wanted me to tell her parts and quotes of the book they didn't put in the movie and even though i told her my fave ones she didn't quite get them. :( cause she never read it. i mean one quote i loved and brings tears in my eyes (which rarely happens) is:
    "Rue who when you ask her what she loves most in the world, replies of all things, Music"
    i told her the quote, she saw the whistle scene, thresh saving kat's life but she didn't quite get it. she didn't get the importance behind the whistle, behind thresh's actions, behind rue's death and her music. she cried over the little cute girl and that was it all. but rue's death meant so much more. for me it partly began the rebellion. i mean not only kat showed respect to another tribute but thresh also showed respect towards Rue and Kat, and it united district 11 and district 12 somehow. the whole bread/whistle/covering with flower scene and then in catching fire when that old man sings Rue's song and they all put their three fingers up in the air. it meant something, it meant that the districts were united by their mutual pain and loss.
    lol. ok sorry for talking non-stop again. i never seem to shut up :(
    i loved the movie as well and i so want to see it again and i am so eager for the second one. i can't really wait to see who they're going to cast as Finnick and Johanna.
    sorry for the long comment. hope to hear from you soon.
    p.s maybe i didn't get it right but by your comment i get that you are more into Peeta than Gale right?
    p.s my friend liked the handsome manly Gale, she said Peeta is sweet but that's it. and i said oh you are so wrong!

  3. Yeeeees! Write to me! I've just bought new elephant dung notepaper especially for pen pals. And if anyone else would like a UK pen friend I am ready and willing!