Monday, December 12, 2011

Restyled Thrifts!

 I am no master at the sewing machine, but I love attempting to restyle clothes!  What better way to learn then to do it with thrifted items!  Sure, if you mess up you'll be a bit sad, but you won't have lost much monies. And... if you don't mess up (which you won't), you get an awesome tailored-to-you piece of clothing!  My mind races when I go thrifting... looking for clothes that will fit me, clothes to buy for fabric, and clothes that with a little help can become something to love!  
I loved the wool of this skirt. It is the perfect brown color/pattern, but it was really, really long and I didn't just want to hem it (It just wouldn't be an adventure).  So, I added a ruffle waist that I think adds a lot to the skirt! 

(Sorry about the wrinkles, no matter how many times I ironed it, it would instantly wrinkle) 
 I bought this dress even though it was way too big (like cover your feet, fit over your clothes big!).  It was so big that I wasn't sure I could save it... but some darts, hemming, replacing of the elastic, and taking in the side seams and ta-da!



  1. that red dress is gorgeous! i have one similar but still havent got around to altering it!:(

  2. Wow, great job, Charlie! I love both of them, but especially the red dress. Super cute!