Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Getting Organized

I am attempting to get a head start on some of my goals for the new year!  I really want to create better functionality in the crafty room.  I began to feel that the walls were closing in on me so I decided to kick husband out of his closet (to be fair it was in the crafty room and he had the largest closet in the house).  Look what I did with all the new space!
I even took advantage of the door... using a shoe holder to wrangle in all of the things I often pile around and then lose! (yep, I'm a piler!)
It feels so good to be organized and have space!  When things begin to get cluttered, I am unable to function.  Hopefully I can keep on track and continue to keep the crafty room organized.  I figure if I put it out there, I will be held to it! :)

Has anyone else started to make goals for next year?


  1. That looks great!!! Well done!! It instantly feels better to get organised but just be careful not to feel too bad when it gets messy- these spaces are meant to be used and played in. I spend too much time keeping mine tidy which isn't the point I don't think :/ anyway, my goals for next year is mainly to embrace my introverted side as I think I've tried too hard to be extroverted and that's really not me at all. I've always shunned my need for space and solitude, felt guilty at times, but I really don't enjoy intense, chatty, stressful situations. My need for quiet scares me because I think it means I'm boring or unfriendly or something but actually it makes me so much happier in the long term. My stress levels nose dive and I smile for once! So I'm going to embrace that for a while and see what happens. I'm also hoping to drive more. I'm a nervous driver and I've avoided it since passing my test three years ago but I really need to get out there and do what scares me.

  2. Lianne- We are so much alike! I too get caught up in making sure things stay tidy. I am trying to remember that when my room is messy it means I am being creative. Give into the quiet and alone time. I am a big introvert/loaner, I love my alone time and I'd rather be home watching a movie alone than be with a ton of people and never know what to say (I am overly shy). I am all for avoiding things next year that will add unneeded stress. Do what makes you happy :).