Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Guest Post: No cost wrapping!

Hey everyone... My friend Perissa always prides herself on her ability to wrap gifts... she really is a wizard!  So, who better to show you some ways to wrap your gifts using things you already have!

Using Canisters 

What you will need:
Old cookie can or canister, craft glue, fabric, scissors, ribbon

1. Measure the height and circumference of the can and cut fabric to fit. Be sure to trim the fabric to accommodate the lid.
2.  Apply the glue along the top and bottom edge, as well as the side seam.
3. Cut a circular piece of fabric slightly larger then the size of the lid.
4. Glue the fabric to the lid. Be sure that it is centered before pressing down.
5. Cut a piece of ribbon to fit the edge of the lid and glue in place (be sure to tuck any stray pieces of fabric under the lid).
6. Once dry, place goodies and gifts inside. For more fun, add a bow or more ribbon on top!

Using Magazines
Bust out those magazines you accidentally hoarded all year and put them to use!

What you will need:
Box, scissors, spray adhesive, magazines, newspaper, yarn/ribbon (optional)

1. Spread out newspaper to protect your work surface. If indoors, open a window to help ventilate the area.
2. Cut out several pictures of your choice from magazines. I tried not to leave a border around them. To get more coverage, cut out large rectangular pictures to use as a background that hides the box.
3. Spray the box with adhesive and begin to apply cut out images until the box and lid are covered. The glue takes awhile to dry, so if you donʼt like your placement, you have some time to move the pictures.
4. Wait 30-60 minutes for the box to dry. Add your gifts to the box and tie with bows or ribbons of your choice.

The Hat Bag
Are you gifting something knitted or crocheted this year?  Use your gift as the wrapping... here's how!

What you will need:
Yarn, yarn needle, scissors, knitted hat 

1. Place all gifts inside hat.
2. Thread needle with yarn and weave through hat a few inches from the bottom (now itʼs the “top” of the “bag”). Cut yarn, pull tight and tie in a bow.

Brown Bag It
Ask for paper at the grocery store and get free gift wrap!

What you will need:
Scissors, brown grocery bag, tape, decorations of choice

1. If there are handles on the bag, gently pull them off so the bag doesnʼt rip.
2. Cut down the seam that goes along the back of the bag.
3. Cut bottom off the bag. Voila! You now have wrapping paper!
4. Wrap gift as you would with regular wrapping paper and decorate as you like.

Nature Novelty
What you will need:
Wrapped gift, hot glue gun, pine cones, pine tree branches, twigs, etc

1. Arrange outdoor items on gift to your liking.
2. Remove items and using glue gun, apply glue to the spots where you had placed your items. Add an extra dot of glue to the outdoor item for extra hold.
3. Place your items back on the gift and wait to dry.



  1. Fab suggestions! I save all the bags and paper I accumulate from gifts I've been given and try to find ways I can reuse them in future gift wrapping or card making.

  2. Save your cards too! I cut out pictures from the front and use them to make gift tags. :-)

  3. I love reusable wrapping paper ideas! This was great. Thanks for sharing :) Love your blog!