Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Vintage Craft

My mom found theses wonderful looms for me.  

It started when my mom and I were talking recently about how we always used to make pot holders together off of a loom my grandfather made for us.  Then, I told her about the loom set Martha Stewart came out with.
 She remembered my grandparents working off a metal loom that was adjustable (metal to me is always more sturdy than plastic).  Sure enough, she found them when visiting the property!  I don't have a circle one like in the Martha set, but the speed-weave looms do lots and lots of things and come in a bunch of different shapes.  My mom even found the instruction booklet (thank goodness or I would have no idea what to do)! 

My mom also found this Stitch by Stitch book that is a collection of magazines that were published weekly and included patterns.  I believe they're from the 70's and they are a complete guide to sewing, knitting, crocheting and needlework!  I think I will learn a lot, and I am kind of excited about the vintage patterns inside!



  1. wooow!! that stitch-by-stitch looks amazing!!!! i wish i could find stuff like that here in my country.. o.O

    jelous!!! :D