Wednesday, November 2, 2011

For the Love of Books!

Last month (September) I spent way too much time in front of the TV, and not enough time reading books.  So... this month I did my best to read a few books (since I did set a goal way back when to read two books a month)!

I enjoyed this book very much and it sucks you in from the very start.  It's definitely a page turner and it has just enough romance and mystery to keep you wondering. It is the first in a two part series (It used to be a trilogy, but somewhere along the line they combined them into two).  Since I was, as I mentioned earlier, so sucked into the TV... I thought maybe I should read some of the books that the new shows are based on :).  

I didn't really read this book... I listened to it.  I have never done an audiobook before, but I heard so many people say that you HAD to listen to it because her narration was amazing. Believe me, it was. This book made me laugh so hard, I cried at moments!  If you haven't read/listened to this yet, I highly recommend you listen to it!

I usually really enjoy Jennifer McMahon's writing, and while she didn't fail with the mystery... I didn't care for how the ending came together.  It wasn't the shock and awe I had come to know from her other books!  Still a page turner.
Failed to finish.
I am half way through this book, and for right now I give up!  I am not sure if all the anticipation and early reviewers hyped this book up too much or what!  I am not one to give up on a book, but I am sorry... I can't. To me, it is too slow moving to keep my attention.  I am sorry to all those who may love it, I do promise to continuously give it a try and I will keep you posted if I finish it.

On my currently reading list is:
The Help
The No.1  Ladies Detective Agency (book 1)
The Secret Circle (book 2)

Are you reading anything wonderful?  I love hearing about good books!  Sometimes I long for a good book club!


  1. ohh I don't know the titles you were reading and the ones you are reading recently.. but I'm happy this month you spent some time reading not in front of the tv.. I had a similar problem few years back.. and I got so angry on myself that I grab my tv and took it away fromy my room to another one. You can't imagine how a good idea it was!!! For about5 years now I don't have a tv in my room and I just don't watch it!! Just sometimes when I'm eating dinner but not all the time as I was doing earlier..

    Talking about books - I'm not really a 'good' reader.. I usually read two books a year, but from this July I got a kick and read about 9!! And I can't trully recoommend some if you are interested in fantasy :) If not there is no sense to write even one title cuz every book I read is fantasy :D haha (well almost, but good books I read are fantasy:D)

    omg I wrote so much!!! sorry! :D