Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I know that last week I thrifted the perfect shadow box for thread... but I found this.
I couldn't pass it up... all of the shelves tilt out so you can easily access your thread.  The little drawer on the bottom is perfect for stashing little spools and extras :).  Now, what to do with the other shadow box?

I also thrifted lots of vintage pillowcases and a sheet.
oh! and three yards of knit fabric! 

My vintage linen collection is really growing, and even after making the quilt (well the top is made :)), my shelf is overflowing.  I just can't pass up pretty vintage linens when I see them!  I might have to post some in the Etsy to share the love!  



  1. awesome, I wouldn't have passed those up either!

  2. oh oh I hate you ;( seriously we can't find here anything except some pillow cases etc. I would die of happiness if I finally bought my dreamed wooden hanging 'thing' for all my threads!!! oh so jelous! ;p

  3. Talk about a great score! Wow, those linens are about as fabulous as you can get. Keep up the great thrifting work! I am currently living vicariously through you, since I haven't had time to go thrifting in ages...