Monday, September 19, 2011

Cake Pops!

I gave in.... and bought a
Babycakes cake pop/donut hole maker!   Yes I already owned the cupcake maker, but these lovely little appliances are just so much fun (plus, coupons and Kohls cash and it was too cheap to pass up)!  Look what my bestie and I made Saturday...
We used the vanilla recipe from the inclosed recipe book, dipped them in Wilton chocolate melts and then decorated (we even injected some with frosting)!  We didn't picture all of them since the recipe made 4 dozen!  It was lots of work, but totally worth it.  I know making them this way is no where near as hard as making them the original way.  

Taste: These cake pops don't taste the same as the ones where you mix the cake and frosting and roll it into balls.  These are cake on a stick essentially (well, chocolate dipped cake goodness on a stick), but they come out with a crispiness that is very appealing.  I felt that injecting them with frosting gave them a very similar taste to original cake pops. All in all, they were a hit, and I can't complain!

The Appliance: I know that in the directions it says to only fill with 1 tablespoon, but I had better luck pretty much filling each one to the top.  If it oozed over (resembling Saturn), it was very easy to break off the excess.  Other than that, it was a breeze to use... just like the cupcake maker!

I can't wait to make cinnamon sugar donut holes next!


P.S. I think Babycakes should just make one unit with changable plates!


  1. for my birthday i made cake pops and then scrapped them almost immediately after i finished the last one. i was so grossed out by the time i finished i couldn't even bear serving them!! i think i thought about all the ingredients wayyyy too much lol. they are SO CUTE and kinda fun but i probably will never get near another one ever again!! :x but i do hope you enjoy yours!

  2. It was so much fun to make them and they were delicious too!