Tuesday, July 5, 2011

June Goal Check In & July Goals

Last month I decided to set some goals for myself... I think I did okay!

  • I wore my hair curly every day.  Even if it was styled up, I would have some kind of curls showing, and I haven't used a curling iron except for a very minor bang fix once (sometimes curls just have a mind of their own).  As a result, my hair feels so thick and healthy... I kinda don't want to straighten it the rest of summer. 
  •  I wore something handmade everyday.  Mostly bows and earrings, but I did wear a few skirts :).
  •  I have three pieces finished for the closet remix that I will share more about soon! 
  • I failed at keeping up with Janel's 30 Day Journal Challenge, but for good reason. I really needed time to journal for healing.  I needed to get down some personal things so I could let go.  
  • I read A Room of One's Own by Virginia Woolf and In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan.  Both books were wonderful, thought provoking reads.  
This month I want to...
1. Have my morning cup of tea outside, not in front of the TV.
2. Create something every day.
3. Lock in my theme for the Sketchbook Project.
4. Bake a weekly treat.
5. Read 2 books... of course :).

What are your goals for the month?



  1. the curly hair thing was my goal last summer! i have been a slave to my flat iron...but now a recent "mishap" with my scissors has me chained to the heat. wah!

    this summer, my goals are to get A's in both of my summer school class, take the math placement test so I can finish my pre-reqs & so I can finally transfer, and go to disneyland at least 3 times before summer is over lol

    i also want to start riding my bike at least once a week in lieu of driving (like to the market, or to school, or the movies or something), and watch less TV.

    little baby steps.

  2. Awesome job on your goals for June! I like how you revisit them to hold yourself accountable! Good luck with your July ones. I like the drinking tea outside and not in front of the the TV one! I think I might have to make that my goal too!