Monday, July 18, 2011

Closet Restyle Part 1: Summer Skirts

Do you ever stand in front of a closet FULL of clothes and say "I have nothing to wear"?  I do it WAY too much.  This is what inspired me to go through my closet and take out all the clothes that for some reason or another I can't wear, and fix them!  That means, out with all the ill-fitting thrifted finds... the too wide sweaters, too long pants, and sweaters that wont stay buttoned.  Someday is now because I'm sick of having a closet full of clothes, but still having nothing I feel I can wear.  My goal is to restyle all of my unwearables into wearables!  If you are one of these people too, I hope these posts will help inspire you to do the same! Take back your closet!

Up first is summer skirts.  Skirts are my favorite thing to wear in the summer, and feeling like I didn't have any made getting ready for the day quite the task!
I've had this lovely peach skirt for a long time (since well before we moved!).  I saw it thrifting and couldn't pass up the color even though it was a few sizes too big for me.  Now, I can finally wear it and I love it.  (Details: I took it in 2 inches on each side at the waist, tapering off towards the bottom to keep the original flare, and then I hemed it 4 inches).

Husband is famous for putting his elbow through the sleeve on his dress shirts, and this leads to me hoarding them thinking I am going to make something out of them.  I finally did. (P.S. It looks way better on.  I couldn't get the gathering to lay right on the form).  The other skirt was supposed to be made last summer, and well... I never got to it, which fed into my need of summer skirts... silly, I know. (Details: These are both simple elastic waist skirts.  For the dress shirt, I used steps from this tutorial).

I am sure by now you know my obsession with yellow :).  This was yet another couldn't-leave-behind thrifted treasure.  I took it from an office appropriate semi-pencil skirt to a cute almost mini skirt with pockets!  I love pockets in skirts, it makes life so much easier! ( Can you believe that this lovely yellow skirt was part of a two piece suit? Me either, but the tag inside proved it! Must love the 80's... well, maybe the 90's). (Details: Took it in 1 inch at the back seam since it is a 3 panel skirt, hemmed it 6 inches so I could get rid of the kick pleat, and added pockets at the side seams). 

I am not sure whats up next.... sweaters or dresses... maybe both! 



  1. I've been having babies the last two years so my sewing attempts have been firmly on hold until Dec this year when finally my body will be free to take measurements :D What I have been doing though is going through all my ugly stuff and putting fluro post-it notes over the hangers with suggestions on how I should restyle or reuse something when I can actually wear it again. Then everytime I open the wardrobe I avoid the fluro stuff and get dressed without disappointment until I can start playing with the stuff next year. I also bought this book on how to customise clothes and that's been fantastically inspiring!

  2. Wow, great job Charlie! You have been one busy gal...

  3. Seems like you had fun restyling your clothes! Coincidentally, I am thinking about the same thing too! I'm going to get a sewing machine soon and try sewing for the very first time! I'm excited! :)