Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I have the hardest time keeping track of all the ideas that float through my head.  I can't even keep up with daily to-do's unless I write them down.  All of my goals, craft ideas, and to-do lists were in one sketch book.  I started to notice that I would be good about writing everything down, but then I would never go back through... so all of my ideas and such would just get lost.  So I tried a few other ideas... post-its, using the chalkboard, even binding two molenski's together so I could have lined and graph paper.  Nothing really helped and I even thought about a binder, but it would be too big to carry everywhere!

Then husband found this cool arc notebook that is completely customizable to fit what you need.  You can have graph paper, lined paper, plain paper, and a to-do list.  They even make cute dividers and folder pockets.  Now I am all organized and I've been using it for about a week and its perfect!  All of the pages are moveable and changeable, so nothing is set in stone or ruined! I love it!
The cool binding is what makes it possible!
You can get these cool notebooks from Staples, who would have thought?  If you're having a hard time keeping all of your thoughts organized, you should definitely check this out :). 

Also, these are my new favorite pens... they don't bleed or skip and create a nice crisp, fine line! 


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