Friday, December 10, 2010

Sweater remix DIY

Time to search for those sweaters we bought on sale that never really fit right, but we never returned.. or a favorite sweater that needs a little love to look like new again!  Let's make a somewhat cute sweater into an adorable cardigan!

1) Find said sweater.  Joi is helping me with this DIY and she picked this one!

2) Lay sweater flat and find the center.  If you're working with a v-neck this should be simple.  If you're not measure from the side seam in on both sides.  Pin down the center to ensure a straight cut.
(I am working with a yellow sweater of course!!)

3) Cut your sweater.  Make sure you use good sharp scissors so you don't get a lot of fraying.

4) Now you need to decide how you want to cover your cut lines... this is where you can get creative.  You can use ribbon... bias tape... make a ruffle.. add snaps.. possibilites are endless!  Joi decided to go with ribbon lining the inside to make it a little more stable, and she pinned it into place to sew.  Make sure you secure your ribbon properly as shown so that it doesn't slip as you're feeding it through the machine. 
**I went with extra wide quilt binding that I had laying around. (I forgot to picture my pinning process, sorry)!!

5) Sew it to your sweater using a coordinating thread.  We used a sewing machine but if you have more patience you can always do it by hand.

6) Add buttons or rosettes... make it fun!  Joi ended up adding buttons to pull the sweater in right at her natural waste.
To do this. a) put the sweater on and find you're natural waist while looking in a mirror.  Place a pin there.  b) measure down from the top of the sweater on both sides to make sure they line up. c) secure your button to one side and a small elastic hair tie to the other! done!

7) You're all done... now enjoy your new cardigan!!

Finished!! Mine didn't fit on the dress form, (ooops!) so I pinned it in place.. I didn't add a button to mine, but I think I may add a flower!! 


p.s. If anything is not clear... just ask :) and if you make one, let me know I'd love to see!!


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