Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wish list!

My Wednesday has been spent wishing while browsing etsy!

I want this print for the half bathroom.... I feel like I could fill my whole house with prints from this shop!

This would be amazing painted a deep yellow.... to hang in the formal living room.  It could hold lots of cute little things!!

This is the perfect soap dish.... ahhhhh!

Did you notice a lot of my wishes are for the house???  I just wish it would all come together in a minute!! Truth is.... I feel like we have barely got anywhere!!! (slow work in progress... I have no patience)

Tonight I will be re-covering my Klobo loveseat for a second time!! It was covered in a wonderful vintage floral fabric... but my husband wants to put it in the basement (his area).  So it will now be re-covered in black fabric!! I am also hoping to work on new curtains for the half bath!!



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