Monday, October 4, 2010

Moving Progress!!

We have finally found enough time between working and life to unpack the boxes.  The crafty room is pretty much finished and tomorrow I will have a mini tour of my new setup :)!  I am soooo excited to get caught up on everything crafty!! I am behind in Janel's I Heart Fall class... I can't wait to catch up (the class is amazing)... and I LOVE FALL SO MUCH!  I have so many amazing home decorating ideas for the new house I can't wait to get started! My mini goal is to have amazing fall/halloween decorations up when the house is finished being painted next week!! And since fall is my FAVORITE season it is also the color palette of the house.... I can't wait to see what it looks like when it's all done (I hope I picked well)!

I thought I might share a few things I love about fall!
Leaves changing colors!

Hot Cocoa with lots of marshmallows :)

Scarves.... Are these not the cutest?!?!

Of course there are millions more!! Like... comfy sweaters, boots, and tights... oh my goodness do I love tights!!!



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