Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Crafty Room Mini Tour!!

The crafty room is finally in working order :) i'm so excited!!!!! So I thought I would take you on a mini tour of what I have going on.
I am in LOVE with chalkboard paint!! I want it everywhere!

My little sewing corner.... I am still working on storing all of my fabric.  I have recently acquired a good amount of vintage fabric :)

I use a computer desk because I like having all my tools stored on the slide out part.  In old school lunch trays of course!

Mass chaos of storage! 

I heart buttons... and my instax!

My vintage zipper collection... Thanks to my Grammy

The crafty and everything else corner! (and yes these are my old kitchen chairs, we now have a dining room and not an eat-in kitchen... still searching for a place for my table).

This will most likely be the last time it is ever this clean! 

The door to the right goes out to patio... I am excited to maybe be able to get some craftying done outside!

Sorry for the lighting! I really wanted to do it in the daylight but I didn't get done with the finishing touches till the sun was down :(.... Such is life!!

Hope you enjoyed this little peek.  I will be sure to post updates as I add new things.  But for now I am off to do something creative!!



  1. Your craft room is so organized! I had one at my parent's house and it was utter chaos and disorder 24/7!

    The new apartment doesn't really have one though... :( I make do. :P

  2. Wow you're organised! x

  3. I love your new craft room! The lunch trays are genius! Do you actually use the vintage zippers? I never know what to do with my vintage stuff...once it's used, there's nothing left!

  4. Emily... I feel the same way!! I have used a couple that i've found at thrift stores but I haven't used any from the stash pictured.... I would hate for them to run out :)