Friday, September 3, 2010

We are moved in!

There are boxes everywhere... Finding stuff is a fun adventure! We need furniture in a bad way.  All of the furniture we had fits in our basement now.  I also need to pick paint colors.... for our bedroom, spare bedroom, living room and crafty room!

I am so excited to get a new crafty room!! I can't wait to paint the room and get things set up... I feel so behind on all of my crafty projects!  I just can't decide on a color..... I love all colors and it makes it SO hard to pick! But I have picked out some dreamy furniture I would love to have for it.

We left my other drawing desk behind... I had it since middle school.. it was time to go! So I want this beautiful one from Ikea.

I would really like this for storage but I am not sure if it is totally practical. 

I will back later tonight with more updates on the past few days! Oh and pics from my birthday... even though we were in the middle of moving (and he was in the middle of a big project for work) husband didn't forget about my birthday and still made it special :).

Oh yesterday I wanted to replace the contact paper in the linen closet (thinking the whole time it would be easy) jokes on me! With a lot of pulling, picking and peeling I got the old out and put some new in.... 
Polka dots are love...... :)



While I was catching up on Janel's blog(pssst... I am also a sponsor this month).... I came across this photo she got from weheartit

I need to remember this!!! Especially while making my new house a HOME! :)


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